How has COVID-19 impacted the home counties property market?

Hanover Private have closed £23.25m in two confidential transactions on the Wentworth Estate in Surrey in a matter of weeks. We also let a mansion for c £42,000 per week in Berkshire. We are a small player but this news, follows that from Savills who reported closing a £7.1m transaction also on the Wentworth estate. It is clear that the country house market has moved from a luxury item, pre-covid19 - to a need item during covid-19. Our prediction is that this need will remain post-covid as people work from home more, want more space, yet still need access to London for vital meetings. As family, health and quality of life now outweigh the old need to be in central London. Buyers for the home counties are increasing in number.

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May 15, 2020
Author : 
Alex Newall