Residential ACQUISITIONS & Sales

Our private advisory and co-investment platform targets UK real estate and covers three key areas - acquisition, project / assets management and sales.

Our strategic investor advice covers residential, commercial and agricultural real estate sectors in the UK and across key global destinations.

Acting as buy-side advisors or 'Buying Agents' we cover the whole market (sourcing deals from estate agents, banks, receivership deals, developers and private individuals – we cover both on and ‘off market’ opportunities). We provide strategic advice with detailed due diligence to limit risk and negotiate exclusively on behalf of our partners and clients to achieve the best possible deals.

We are an independent business and therefore unlike other consultancies we have no conflict of interest between their buying and selling departments.

Our residential and commercial expertise enables our clients to acquire multiple assets across the key global destination markets including London, New York, south of France, Monaco, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We are often instructed to sell homes very discreetly or ‘off market’. We provide this service through our exceptional network of contacts. Our aim is to achieve the best results for our clients at all times and to add significant value to the process of disposal.

We provide strategic advice, detailed information, limit risk and negotiate hard for the benefit of our partners and clients.