Project Management

The success of any project depends on the right property management team. Whether we and / or our clients are seeking to acquire a property, add value through planning gain, renovation, redevelopment or just interior design, our project managers provide an exceptional level of service and add significant value.

Our aim is to deliver on time and on budget - often a difficult task in real estate. It can be done with the correct project manager. Experience is vital. We have in-depth knowledge of gaining planning permission on single apartments and houses, country estates and large scale multi-unit new build schemes. Every project is different - whether it is renovating historic listed buildings, building houses or interior design - we provide the right experts for each project.

Be aware of the risks: taste is highly subjective. One person’s tastes may not suit those of the wider real estate market and good advice can make the difference between making a profit or not. We guide our clients through the process by ensuring that the architectural style, floor plans, proportions and the correct level of M&E is incorporated into the design.

The market is always on the move. We keep up with the latest developments and provide insight into what buyers are looking for in today’s market. It is important to know what levels of stock will compete against the project in future years. These key considerations give our clients a competitive edge in the property market.

‘Measure twice - cut once’.